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An inquiry following the death of Victoria Climbie in 2000 was launched to decide whether it needed to introduce new legislation and guidance to improve the child protection system. The report recommended that a simple guide is compiled which outlined child protection processes and systems for anyone working with children. This guide is known as ‘every child matters’.

This report focuses on four main areas;

• Support for parents and carers
• Early intervention and effective protection
• Accountability and integration – locally, regionally and nationally
• Workforce reform

The vision for this report is to introduce a radical improvement in opportunities and outcomes for children, which is driven by whole-system reform of the delivery of children’s services and is not solely about child protection.

The change was designed to be system-wide and;
• Build changes around the child, young person and family
• Support parents and carers
• Develop the workforce, changing culture and practice
• Integrate universal and targeted services
• Integrate services across the age range 0-9

Every child matters promote early interventions and effective protection of children.