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Improving information sharing practice is a cornerstone of the government’s strategy to improve outcomes for all people, there are a number of documents available to support this drive, and links to these can be found on your dashboard. These include;

• Every Child Matters strategy (2003)
• HM Government Information Sharing Vision Statement (2006)
• Children’s Plan (2007) and
• Think Family reports (2006, 2008)
• Information Sharing; a Practitioner’s Guide (2006)
• Cross-government guidance for practitioners across the whole of the children’s workforce
• Updated to extend its relevance to practitioners working with adults and families as well as children and young people

The information sharing; practitioners guide aims to;

• Improve practice by giving clear advice on when/how to share information and understanding the circumstances when sharing information is inappropriate
• To provide clarity on the legal framework for information sharing and to develop understanding in sharing information professionally and lawfully.

Remember Baby ‘P’

More recently in 2007 the horrific case of Baby ‘P’ occurred. Baby ‘P’ or Peter was 17 months old and was murdered by his mother, her boyfriend and lodger. He suffered more than 50 injuries and had been visited by authorities 60 times in the eight months before his death.

He was known to:

• Social workers
• Doctors
• Lawyers
• The police

Yet none of these individuals spotted or reported the abuse.